We offer a variety of public address sound system solutions for commercial and public spaces. 

These systems can include a wide array of features, from paging and mass notification to background music. Each system is tailored specifically for use in schools, offices, retail stores, factories, gyms, hospitals, hockey arenas and community clubs.

Sound masking or “white noise” systems are designed to provide privacy of speech in offices or public spaces. Other benefits include increased productivity due to lack of sound distraction and improved focus on tasks. Call us today to create a solution that works best for your environment.


TOA Canada possesses decades of experience in public address system solutions for public and commercial spaces.

We are a complete equipment manufacturer, specializing in voice communication, voice evacuation and emergency paging. Our systems, including head end equipment, and speakers can be integrated with telephone systems and 3rd party equipment. Our multi zone paging capabilities offer clients a variety of options when designing a project.

Our team will work with you to shape the system to precisely adhere to the requirements of many facilities such as schools, factories, gyms, hospitals and arenas. When a paging project comes your way do not hesitate to reach out for the leader in paging solutions, TOA Canada.

TOA IR-800 series Brochure