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Rauland Responder 5000®

Rauland’s robust communication systems make daily work more efficient and effective for all of your staff. R5000 has seamless integration between wandering patient, panic and other life safety systems.

R5000 creates a healing environment that reassures patients and residents that their needs are being met. And with the addition of the R5000 reporting software is able to provide activity boards, generate reports and provide patient/resident management.

Rauland Responder 5®

Rauland Responder 5® streamlines workflow and speeds up response time to patients needs while integration with other technologies (wireless phones or Vocera®), and with other departments, ensure both efficiency and effectiveness. Responder 5® is completely scalable from 1 bed to 1500, from one unit to over 100.

Responder 5® can be readily configured to meet the needs of your entire hospital. Unlike complicated technology that can burden staff, Responder 5® is simplicity in action.

Rauland Responder Enterprise®

Rauland Responder Enterprise® Nurse Call System is an innovative clinical communication system that can be deployed in up to 25 separate facilities. Responder Enterprise® includes the hardware components that physically reside in acute facilities and a single instance of the Responder Enterprise® software application.

The Clinical Application is web based highly secure software that allows facilities to interact with the Enterprise system. The application allows caregiver to prepare staff assignments processes and view real time nurse call activities in highly customizable fashion, displays patient census view, activity boards and dashboards in white board formats.

Wanderguard Blue® Wander Management

Whether protecting one door or an entire campus. Wanderguard Blue® provides peace of mind while preserving residents/patients dignity and mobility. Wanderguard Blue® is the most sophisticated and yet more simple way to protect memory care residents against elopement risk.

RoamAlert® System

With 30 years of Wandering Patient Protection. The RoamAlert® system has been installed in most sites in Manitoba and has been relied on for Resident and Patient security.

NICI is proud to provide sales and service for both ECO and Integrity systems including Tags and Straps.


Arial® solutions help caregivers create a safe and secure environment. Arial® can be used in independent living, assisted living/Memory Care and skilled Nursing facilities. It is a single solution for emergency call, panic and wander management with centralized alarm management. 

Mobile App are available for notifications; voice/text messaging and collaboration tools for caregivers that capture interaction details for reporting.

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