Audio & communication

Classroom Communication

We provide state-of-the-art IP, hybrid, and analog solutions for the education market, ensuring that students, staff, and administrative personnel have a safe and secure environment. Our solutions enhance safety, improve operational efficiency, and support the unique needs of all levels of education.

Mass Notification

We are your trusted partner in ensuring safety and continuity through Mass Notification Systems. We enable you to connect, inform, and respond to events within seconds, giving you the confidence that your organization or community is secure and ready to act.

Sports and Recreational Notification

The sports and recreational market includes a variety of venues such as arenas, pools, stadiums, golf courses and others in both indoor and outdoor settings. Our systems are able to provide:

  • Announcements and Entertainment
  • Play-by-Play Announcements
  • Emergency Broadcast and Control
  • Everyday Broadcast and Paging
  • High-Quality Music Reproduction

Industrial Paging

NICI’s extensive knowledge allows us to provide solutions tailored for the industrial and manufacturing sectors, with hardened equipment ready to withstand environmental challenges and meet the specifications of all industries.

Assisted Hearing

We provide cutting-edge technologies that enhance the richness and clarity of sound in people’s lives. Our solutions overcome the challenges of noise, distance, overlapping conversations, and hearing loss, delivering precise and personalized audio in any environment or setting.

Emergency Notification

Our systems facilitate immediate and precise communication during emergencies, automating all notification processes to ensure the practiced message is reliably delivered when it matters most. Whether it’s a lockdown, severe weather event, medical crisis, or any urgent situation, our solutions guarantees swift and dependable dissemination of critical information.

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