Nurse Call

Rauland Responder 5 

Designed for the Acute Care Marketplace

Nurse Call is a life-safety device and the primary means of patient-to-staff communication. As a system integrator we provide a turnkey Patient Call & communication system. At National Industrial Communications Inc. we understand the complex communications challenges hospitals face.

We help institutions manage these complexities of the patient call and communication system, by providing state of the art integrated healthcare solutions that:

  • improve staff to patient, nurse to doctor and staff to staff communication

  • decrease response times

  • streamline workflow processes

  • increase both staff and patient satisfaction

Rauland Responder 4000

Responder 4000 is a revolutionary communication system that has been developed to support the changing shape of healthcare facilities. There entire system is a cost effective way to keep caregivers on the pulse of the facility’s operations. Its seamless communications assists in the care process by efficiently connecting healthcare professionals with patients/residents and bringing adaptable state of the art technology to everyday facility operations.

The flexibility of Responder 4000 assures that the system can grow and adapt to the changing demands of each facility and their various modes of operation. Constructed with modular components, the network has the ability to provide cutting-edge quality communication for today and tomorrow.