Rauland Responder 5 

Designed for the Acute Care Marketplace

Nurse Call is a life-safety device and the primary means of patient-to-staff communication. As a system integrator we provide a turnkey Patient Call & communication system. At National Industrial Communications Inc. we understand the complex communications challenges hospitals face.

We help institutions manage these complexities of the patient call and communication system, by providing state of the art integrated healthcare solutions that:

  • improve staff to patient, nurse to doctor and staff to staff communication

  • decrease response times

  • streamline workflow processes

  • increase both staff and patient satisfaction

Rauland Responder 5000

The new Rauland Responder 5000 Nurse Call Communication System is an easy-to-use, efficient communications solution for acute care  that improves nursing productivity – no matter what the team size.

Rauland Responder 5000 system’s comprehensive and automated reporting functions can raise hospital staff proficiency, allowing you to manage clinical workloads more efficiently, leading to increased nurse retention. 


  • Greater staff satisfaction means lower turnover, improved continuity for residents
  • Creates a healing environment that reassures residents their needs are being met
  • Reduces noise from alarms, promoting a better sleep environment
  • Strengthens family engagement for better resident satisfaction
  • Allows family to make direct requests to appropriate staff, rather than interrupt nurse
  • Reassures families with continuous tracking of resident location for safety and security
  • Visually identifies residents at risk of falls via multiple displays
  • Balances privacy and safety, with 2-way communication from resident’s bed and toilet
  • Enables compliance with quality- over-quantity Medicare VBP programs
  • Improves interdepartmental integration, including Housekeeping, EVS, Transport
  • Reveals over-burdened staff situations for rapid mitigation
  • Monitors and trends critical activities for continuous improvement to avoid readmissions
  • Continuous flow of data helps you prevent pressure ulcers, manage control of infectious residents
  • Helps prevent wandering-related injuries and associated liabilities
  • Timely, onsite delivery of clinical design, implementation and application services and support
  • Responder training is continually refreshed based on our field experience and ongoing R&D enhancements
  • We’ll get your staff up to speed quickly and successfully

Responder 5000 Software Brochure

Responder 5000 Basics Video