In today’s hectic society, CCTV has become the standard-bearer of modern security. It not only provides a clearly visible crime deterrent, but it is simple to install, simple to maintain and easy to operate. It has proven to be an effective tool in an integrated security strategy and it is easily expandable.

A CCTV system can make you safer than ever before. NICI is the leading name in complete business security, from CCTV systems to intercoms to card access and so much more. You can say goodbye to sleepless nights due to security concerns. A security and life safety system from NICI allows you to concentrate on your business.

NICI is at the forefront of introducing and integrating new technology into our existing CCTV systems. We stand by all of our installed systems and provide maintenance and upgrades as well. An investment in a CCTV system from NICI is an investment in your future. From hospitals and churches to grocery stores and retail chains, to warehouses & industrial sites, NICI has the CCTV expertise to secure your assets. We deliver proven results as our technical expertise is second to none.

CCTV technology is rapidly evolving and improving. Look to NICI to navigate you through the complexities of closed circuit TV as it applies to your specific needs.